My introduction to dslr photography was in 2010. It was the macro lens that got me deeply interested in studying more about this art form. I completed my diploma in photography in 2013 from eminent photographer and professor, Dr.O.P.Sharma at Treveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. I also trained with Munish Khanna, an acclaimed fashion and advertising photographer in Delhi after which I started with my independent practice as freelance and art photographer.

I like to make images with elements of abstraction and minimalism in landscapes, mundane still life objects and expressive art portraits. I seek to create images of the sensitive beauty in nature and mundanely objects.

Photography has not been my first venture in art. I have been dealing in decorative and original art for homes and offices for many years and also like to dabble in charcoals, watercolors and mixed media. Being a post grad in business management, I forwent a career in the corporate world at an early stage to venture into the world of art. I believe in complete freedom of expression and often use editing software to enhance my work.

I belong to Delhi and am currently staying at Noida (Delhi NCR).


‘Seeking Solitude’ at AIFACS (2014), New Delhi; ’36 shades of grey’ group show(2015) held at Arpana Caur Art Gallery and group show at Artz Fine Art Gallery, Lado Sarai (2014), were among a few successful shows inwhich I participated. Although best seen in print, I endeavour to have more online display of my works, as in the times to come internet is the most viable medium to display artworks and connect to worldwide audiences. I would be happy to show the prints personally.