“Seeking is a part of our nature. We knowingly or unknowingly document what we see through our minds eye, and through many ‘other’ eyes…”

As an art photographer I do not feel limited by any particular subject. The beauty of landscapes, emotions in portraits and especially prearranged still life and macro inspires me to seek this wonderful world through photography. Inspired by nature, light and its effects on emotions, I try and depict the unseen elements of what seems real in our everyday life and the wonder and awe of nature through the lens. My compositions are simple. Photography gave me an insight into the transcendental nature of human feelings and emotions. I have an instant bonding with still life and nature because of its power to connect with my Self. Inanimate objects for me are the proof of life and life itself is beyond the natural. We connect first to the material. All objects are symbolic of life and energy. In some of my images I like to depict the object, be it flower or any found object, with a symbolic meaning, like a dead leaf representing previous generations or old thoughts or life’s fragility as compared to nature. While some images are deliberately composed spending time on the arrangement, the concept may be based on just some fleeting thoughts in a moment or an experience. Some are pure photographs with the light dictating the compositions intent.